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Your unique dashboard helps simplify the investing world by equipping you with the tools and skills that you will need. At the click of a button everything you need, as well as the mindset & trading strategies that the TVI founders have used themselves.

Live Price Signals & Updated Watchlists

Crypto & stock price signals are delivered right to you to trade on the go. To back that up, live updated watchlists to monitor are categorised into swing, growth and long term investments.

Dedicated Account Manager

Have our dedicated support team and directors mentor you through your investing journey. From getting the most out of our platform to our courses, signals and resources.  Sometimes we don’t want to ask the community questions and we get that, so we have provided a way for you to get the support you need.

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Keeping up to date with all of your investments has never been so easy. Through our state of the art dashboard, members can gain live deeper insight into the performance of their investments on your personalised dashboard.

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A live feed of the most recent stock & crypto news is delivered straight to you on your personalised dashboard. No more chasing rabbits, everything you need in one place.

Bonus Content

To continually provide the best for our members, we provide Weekly Market Breakdowns across Crypto & Stocks. Further content such as our famous Crypto & Stock cards and easy to follow tutorials and handbooks ensure our members are equipped with the best as soon as they start their trading journey. Further to the above, we provide a dedicated tax consultant as well as trading mindset coach.

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Trading doesn’t have to be stressful. Unlike other trading groups, the TVI community work together, where we deliver the best to help you grow both financially & personally.

Like-minded Community

Gain exclusive immediate access to the TVI private community. The group includes the four founders posting daily, our very own crypto & stock analysts, mindset coach and tax consultant. Members in our community range from beginners to members with multi-million dollar portfolios.

Trade Setups & Signals

Want to know exactly what we are trading and when we are trading it?  TVI deliver easy-to-comprehend trade ideas, setups and signals frequently throughout the week across both bull and bear markets.

Daily Market Updates

Find it hard to keep up with all the stock and crypto news? Don’t worry! With TVI daily updates across both the stock and crypto markets on Discord and the Dashboard, we give you everything you need right to you.

Tax & Mindset Consultant

As well as mentoring members via the private community, TVI also run fortnightly live Q&A’a where we break down trades, assess current market conditions and answer community questions. Members also have access to our very own tax and trading mindset mentors.

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The power of community

Scott Pendlebury
Scott Pendlebury@SP_10
Read More
The site and Discord are epic. Going to smash out those lessons today. Feel like this is exactly what i've been after to learn and skill myself. Much appreciation for you and the team. It's a heaven of a site.
Sumana Vatula
Sumana Vatula@sumanaxo
Read More
I recommend you guys to literally everyone whenever I talk about investing. I've learnt so much from you guys, literally my gateway to being financially literate. They don't teach you this stuff in school or in any form of education!
Kevin An
Kevin An@notyourordinarykevin
Read More
The TVI content was far more than anything I could ask for, honestly I learnt so much! I returned my profits within 2 days of learning the TVI material and learnt how to trade with no emotions. That was a game changer and sticking to the strategies implemented for each investment.
Nadeem Shaker
Nadeem Shaker@rjnadeemshaker
Read More
All because of TVI you guys changed my life, can’t thank you enough!
Tyrone Xureb
Tyrone Xureb@tyronneee_
Read More
You lads killed it! Easy to understand content for anyone to pick up, the website is broken down so well, so easy to navigate. There's so much juicy content to get through! Couldn't sleep last night that's how excited I was for this! Y'all are a blessing.
Andy Evans
Andy Evans@andypevans
Read More
"Absolutely loving the platform. Honestly just from the discussion and group analysis alone, already made multiples of the membership fee within a few weeks. The discussion is unreal, the tips and recommendations provide a platform to research further and make education decisions. The ability to bounce ideas off other members and the TVI team is second to none".
Easton Wood
Easton Wood@Easton_Wood
Read More
Mate i'm obsessed. Pouring over everything on here. As you've been saying, it's an easy to use platform that lays it all in front of you. Love the education, love the tutorials and love the watchlists the most! It's a game changer man, so grateful you've opened up this world for us.
Steve Ludakens
Steve Ludakens@_STEVELUDA_
Read More
I just wanted to pass on a HUGE thank you to the four of you! I have just hit $100,000 in my crypto account for the first time and it has blown me away. If it wasn't for what the 4 of you have created here, I would never have had the confidence, let alone the support network, to even consider setting myself up like this for the future. Massive appreciation and love to you guys for all the hard work you put in every single day on this crypto market, not to mention all of the stock plays, education tools, research behind the scenes...the list goes on. Truly amazing what you all do. Thank you.

Our Academy

Market Overview

We begin from the very basics of how the markets work and strip it right back so you have the best foundation. A true eye-opener as to how simple the markets are and how we can trade them.

Trading Psychology

Trading is 70% psychology and 30% knowledge. At TVI, we ingrain the right mindset from the outset so you don’t get into bad investing habits, such as FOMO or chasing losses.

Support & Resistance

S&R is a key fundamental trading strategy that once learned, can be applied to thousands of opportunities across the stock + crypto markets.

Stop Losses

Risk management is one of the essential pillars of our trading strategy. In this lesson, we show you how we manage our risk and cap our losses with every trade we place.

Take Profits

Learn the TVI Take Profits Strategies to ensure we capture profits on our short term & long term trades.


Backtesting involves testing your trading strategy to see if it works on a particular asset. In this module, we run you through the TVI Backtesting Strategy through our six simple steps.

Creating a Trading Strategy

Creating your own trading strategy is important. If it works, you can rinse and repeat! We run you through the 8 steps TVI use to create a trading strategy.

BONUS: Indicator Series

This bonus module looks at indicators, what they are, why we use them, the different types of indicators and the TVI favourites.

BONUS: Trading Patterns

The ‘Trading Patterns’ bonus module looks at TVI’s favourite patterns we are constantly looking out for in the market, as they have delivered us a significant probability of success over time.

Fortnightly Live Videos

Not sure how to use a particular stock or crypto broker/exchange? Want to see how we identified and traded a specific asset? Our bonus material is constantly updated and cover a wide range of topics!

Free Bonus Content

At TVI we provide the best insights into what is going on around the crypto & stocks world where we go live with our members on a weekly basis. On top of that we have guest speakers from different crypto projects and dedicated trading mindset & tax mentors.

Booklets & Guides

Want to take your trading to the next level? We break down the key knowledge you require across the crypto & stocks space into simple guides and booklets. Keep them by your side to keep you in good stead when placing trades.

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